Special Needs Education

Target Group:                         Temporary untrained teachers in special education institutions

                                              Qualified teachers not trained in special needs education currently working in                                                      special education institutions

                                              Teachers in general education classrooms who are interested in special needs                                                     education


Duration                                 Two evenings a week for  12 weeks – eight  weeks in Term 2 and 4 weeks in                                                      Term 3. (Tuesdays and Thursdays 4.00 – 6.00 p. m) – (48 hrs.)

                                               Easter holiday sessions - 3 sessions, four hours each –  (12 hrs.)

No . of hours                          60 hrs 

Group Composition:               Open

Venues:                                   Erdiston Teachers’ College

General Objective:                 To provide teachers with sound theoretical and practical knowledge which will                                                      enable them to deliver quality special needs education.


Delivery Strategies:               Presentations utilizing various technologies.


                                                Individual and small group presentations/activities





Site visits:                              Appropriate schools and classes with ‘best practices’


Practical Activities:                A project based on observations from school visits

                                                Producing teaching/learning materials

                                                Developing Individual Education Plans

                                                Preparing a case study

                                                Research papers

                                                Group presentations  

Methods of Assessment:       Assessment will be completed on an accumulation of scores in each of these                                                       areas: attendance, portfolio folder of teaching, individual assignments based on                                                 sites visited and practicum.

                                              Teachers must attend 80% of the sessions to qualify for the certificate


Practicum focusing on teaching methods and sound classroom management practices - fifty percent (50%) of final mark


                                                Portfolio of teaching- thirty percent 30% of final mark

Individual assignment based on school(s) visited to observe and report ‘best practices’ - Twenty percent (20%) of the final mark

 Recommended texts: To be determined


Recommended facilitators

Kaye Sargeant (Principal) Erdiston Special School

Wilmont Straughan (Principal) Irving Wilson School

Jacqueline Andwele (Principal) St. Ambrose Primary

Cheryl Sargeant-Speede (Education Officer)

Janice Gibbs (Teacher-in-charge) St. Stephen’s Primary Special Education Unit

Jeannete Wharton (Principal) Welches Primary

Psychologist (to be determined)


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