About Erdiston

The Erdiston Teachers’ Training College (Erdiston) was opened on January 19th, 1948, with a total of thirty-two (32) Barbadian students.  The College became a regional teachers’ training institution within six years of its inception.

Since then it has fostered a close relationship with the University of the West Indies as a constituent of the School of Education, in special areas such as assessment and accreditation.

Erdiston currently provides training to teachers participating in the Education Sector Enhancement Programme (ESEP).  Our students are taught to function as resource persons within their schools.

Areas of concentration included Early Childhood Education, Mathematics, Language Arts, Information Technology, Special Needs Education, Values Education, Art and Craft, and Music as specialist areas. In addition to theses Erdiston provides training in the Diploma in Teaching programme for university graduates teaching at the primary level.

The College also offers an Associate Degree in Education programme for non-graduates.

we've also partnered with Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada, to facilitate delivery of its Master of Education and Bachelor of Education programmes for teachers in Barbados.

Throughout its existence, Erdiston Teachers’ Training College has held fast to the aim enunciated by its first principal “to provide a body of specially trained men and women who are capable of making the most of every child’s abilities.”  To this end, the College seeks “to be a high quality organization providing training programmes and related support services to teachers, other facilitators of learning and the wider public in Barbados and the Caribbean” as is its Mission Statement.