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Training Programmes for the Academic Year 2020-2021


 Bachelor of Education (Primary) Programme 

This programme is designed to cater to the initial training needs of untrained teachers or persons who are desirous of entering the teaching profession.  The programme is also structured to facilitate the professional development of trained teachers who do not possess an undergraduate degree.  Hence, the B.Ed. programme makes provision for credits to be awarded for courses successfully completed in other programmes of study such as the Associate Degree in Education (ADE) and/or the Two-Year In-Service Teachers’ Certificate.

Application Fee is $50.00

Amenities Fee is $475.00 per annum


 Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Secondary-ETTC)               

This one year programme is designed for graduate teachers at the secondary level who teach Art and Craft, Business Studies/Information Technology, English, Geography/History/Social Studies, Home Economics/Clothing and Textiles, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Music, Physical Education, Religious Education, and Science.


Applicants must possess at least a Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university.  Persons teaching subjects outside their degree specialisation may also apply to this programme.  Teachers must have secured a place at a secondary school and be timetabled for at least 12 periods a week in the area in which they wish to be trained.

The programme includes a four-week online summer component and classes two evenings per week during the three terms.

Application Fee is $50.00

Amenities Fee is $475.00 per annum


 Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Leadership 

This programme is designed for trained graduate teachers at the primary and secondary levels who are desirous of becoming administrators in the education system.


Classes are scheduled from 4:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m., two (2) evenings per week during the terms.  A two-week summer component will be held during the summer of 2021.

Application Fee is $50.00

Tuition Fee is $1,200.00


 Postgraduate Diploma in Special Education

The programme is an in-service professional development programme for teachers of both primary and secondary schools, who possess at least a Bachelor’s degree but have not been exposed to any professional training in teaching. The focus of this programme will be on developing competencies in the teaching of students with exceptionalities.


The programme includes a two-week online summer component and classes two evenings per week during the three terms.


Application Fee is $50.00

Amenities Fee is $475.00 per annum


In-Service Certificate Programme for Teachers of Physical Education and Music 

To access this programme, individuals MUST

  • possess an Associate Degree in Physical Education or Music, and
  • be teaching the subject.


Sessions will be conducted two evenings per week from 4:30 – 7:30 p.m. at Erdiston Teachers’ Training College.


Application Fee is $50.00

Amenities Fee is $475.00 per annum


 The Vocational Teachers’ Training Programme in Adult Education 

This programme is designed to broaden the perspective of instructors at the secondary and tertiary levels as they address local issues facing technical and vocational education.  The one-year programme is delivered on a one day per week release basis.


To be eligible for the training programme, applicants should be persons who:



possess the appropriate qualification required to deliver training in their respective institutions (SJPI, BVTB and secondary schools that deliver CVQs). 


possess at least a Level 2 vocational qualification and have ten (10) years of teaching experience.


have a recognised qualification in the relevant/specialist area and (10) years of teaching/industrial experience.

There will be a four-week online summer component.


Application Fee is $50.00

Amenities Fee is $475.00


Please note the following:

  • The summer component for the programmes begins on 06 July 2020.
  • Please be advised that full attendance for the summer component of all programmes is mandatory.
  • ALL of the summer components will be held online.


For additional information please call 535-3247 or 535-3221 or email us at admin@ettc.edu.bb


APPLICATIONS CAN BE MADE USING THE FOLLOWING LINK: http://applications.tl.edu.bb/etc/v1.003.old/