Library membership will be granted to ALL internal students who complete the Library’s Registration form in FULL. The Receipt Number (Proof of payment), National Registration Number (I D No.) and National Insurance Number (NIS No.) MUST be indicated on the form. The Library staff will not be held accountable for those students who refrain from completing the Library’s Registration form during their period of study at Erdiston College.

Change of Personal Information

ALL changes to Names, Addresses, Telephone Numbers, and Schools MUST be submitted to the library staff as soon as possible during a students’ academic year of study.

Identification Cards

A passport size photo is required in order to receive an Erdiston College Identification card. A valid identification card MUST be presented to library staff when borrowing books or when otherwise requested  to  do.  Lost  or damaged  identification  cards will  be replaced  at  a cost of

$10.00 each.

Teachers' Resource Centre/Library Membership

All persons who have been granted borrowing privileges at the library will also have access to the Teachers’ Resource Centre.