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NEW: Professional Development Workshops for 2024

12/27/2023 02:15 PM
Erdiston Teachers' Training College Latest News

The Erdiston Teachers’ Training College will host ongoing professional development workshops in January 2024.  These workshops are being provided to enhance the knowledge and or pedagogical skills and competencies of teachers, to make them more effective in the classroom.

These workshops include:

  • Understanding Fractions in a Thinking Classroom
  • Instructional Approaches to the Teaching of Reading Comprehension (Primary Level)
  • Improving the Practice of Social Studies
  • Embracing Technology Skills to Create my own Website: Transforming my Class
  • Exploring the 5E Model for Science Instruction in Primary Schools
  • Planning for Instruction: The Instructional Plan
  • Demystifying STEM in the Primary School Science Classroom
  • Developing Effective Classrooms Through Positive Behaviour Management
  • Using Nearpod as a Tool to Promote Active Learning
  • Making Differentiated Instruction Work!
  • The Teaching of Reading
  • The Teaching of Writing
  • Diagnoses in Mathematics: Error Analyses and Interventions
  • Fundamentals of Play Based Learning
  • Leadership for Learning:Facilitating Instructional Leadership in Schools
  • Providing Accommodations for Diverse Learners in the Classroom

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