We provide high quality training and professional development for educators.

The Erdiston Teachers’ Training College will be hosting ongoing professional development workshops commencing in January 2024.  These workshops are being provided to enhance the knowledge and or pedagogical skills and competencies of teachers, to make them more effective in the classroom.

Several of these workshops are one-day, five-hour workshops, which will run from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. then from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. 

Two of the workshops are for a duration of forty-five (45) hours, five hours a day for nine consecutive Tuesdays or Thursdays depending on the workshop.

One workshop will run for ten hours, hence two days.

One workshop is slated for thirty (30) hours, hence six days.

When selecting the professional development activity, you desire to undertake please pay special attention to the duration of the workshop and the date(s) when it will be offered.

Please take advantage of these professional development activities which are being offered to educators free of cost.


Professional Development Date(s) Duration Mode Facilitator
Understanding Fractions in a Thinking Classroom 2024/01/29 5 hours In Person Dr Chiaka Drakes
Instructional Approaches to the Teaching of Reading Comprehension (Primary Level) 2024/01/30 5 hours In Person Ms Sharon Warner
Improving the Practice of Social Studies 2024/01/31 5 hours In Person Dr Sonia St. Hill
Embracing Technology Skills to Create my own Website: Transforming my Class 2024/02/20 5 hours In Person Ms Jan Holligan
Exploring the 5E Model for Science Instruction in Primary Schools 2024/02/07 5 hours In Person Ms Rozanne Walrond
Planning for Instruction: The Instructional Plan 2024/02/01 5 hours In Person Ms Gina Burnham
Demystifying STEM in the Primary School Science Classroom 2024/02/19 5 hours In Person Dr David Samuels
Developing Effective Classrooms Through Positive Behaviour Management 2024/02/06 5 hours In Person Ms Lee Carter Dr Junnie Lynch
Using Nearpod as a Tool to Promote Active Learning 2024/02/08 5 hours In Person Mr Dwayne Best
Making Differentiated Instruction Work! 2024/02/14 & 21 10 hours In Person Ms Desire Browne
The Teaching of Reading (CLOSED) 2024/01 /31 & Every Tuesday for 9 Weeks 45 hours In Person Dr Patricia Saul
The Teaching of Writing 2024/02 /01 and every Thursday for 9 Weeks, 45 hours In Person Mrs CeceliaRock
Diagnoses in Mathematics: Error Analyses and Interventions 2024/02/13 5 hours Mr Francis Thompson
Fundamentals of Play Based Learning 2024/02/05 5 hours In Person Ms Jennah Parris
Leadership for Learning:Facilitating Instructional Leadership in Schools (CLOSED) 2024/02/12 5 hours In Person Dr C. Cumberbatch
Providing Accommodations for Diverse Learners in the Classroom 2024/01/30 and every Tuesday for 6 Weeks 30 hours In Person

Mrs Allyson Murray