Since 1997, Erdiston College has been involved in providing training to teachers participating in the Education Sector Enhancement Programme. This programme provided teachers and principals with the competencies to integrate technology into the classroom. It also unshed in a new approach to teaching which was child cented and based on construtivist philosophies. 

Throughout the seventy years of its existence, Erdiston Teachers’ Training College has held fast to and has built upon the aim enunciated by its first principal: “to provide a body of specially trained men and women who are capable of making the most of every child’s abilities, however great or small, and helping children to become men and women who can give of themselves to the community in which they live rather than being a charge upon it”.

Feel free to explore our programmes below!

Diploma Programme

The Diploma in Education is an in-service, part-time training programme for university graduates teaching at the primary and secondary levels who have had no previous professional training. The major components of the programme are Education Foundations, Teaching Methods and the Practice of Education. Participants in the programme are expected to achieve a satisfactory standard of performance in both the Theory and Practice of Education.

The entire programme spans one academic year. Four weeks of training in the summer precedes the year of study. Classes are held two evenings a week (4:30 - 7:30 p.m.). Participants are exposed to six hours of instruction per week.


Certificate Programme

These programmes are designed for untrained and qualified teachers at the primary or secondary level. Participants will be exposed to techniques and strategies for planning and implementing instruction, including the integration of various technologies to enhance teaching and learning. Additionally, the programme will include an examination of theories of development and learning, student assessment, and social issues in education and a practicum component.

This equips teachers with sound theoretical and practical knowledge which will enable them to deliver quality Early Childhood Education, Care & Development, Physical Education and Special Needs Education.  


Continuing Education Programme

The Continuing Education Department offers courses to the public. These courses are conducted from 5:15 pm until 7:15 pm. Courses include:

  • Classroom Management
  • Introduction to Special Needs Education
  • Early Childhood Education - Level I
  • Early Childhood Education - Level 2
  • Book Binding
  • The Teaching of Reading
  • Basic Counselling
  • Advanced Counselling
  • Effective Written Communication Skills for  Today’s Worker
  • Introduction to Special Needs Education
  • Special Needs Provision
  • Strategies for the Teaching Language Arts in Primary Schools

Bachelor of Education Programme

The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) programme is designed to cater to the initial training needs of untrained teachers or persons who are desirous of entering the teaching profession.  The programme is also structured to facilitate the professional development of trained teachers who do not possess a Bachelor’s Degree.  Hence, the B.Ed. programme makes provision for credits to be awarded for courses successfully completed in other programmes of study such as the Associate Degree in Education (ADE), the Two-year In-service Teachers’ Certificate or their equivalent.

The programme will provide participants with a sound foundation in the theory and practice of education to enhance their personal and professional growth.  Additionally, it will assist teachers in implementing the curriculum in a manner that caters to the diverse needs of learners.  A wide range of issues related to education at the national, regional and global levels will be addressed.