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In-Service Certificate Programme for Teachers of Visual-Arts

Criteria/Requirements for Admission

To be eligible for this programme, candidates must have an Associate Degree in Visual-Arts or an equivalent qualification from an approved institution.

Programme Description

This programme is designed for untrained teachers at the primary or secondary level who hold an Associate Degree in Visual-Arts.  Based on the outline of the Associate Degree in Visual-Arts, it is assumed that participants would have prior knowledge of the content in the subject discipline, as well as a basic understanding of the teaching/learning process.  Participants will be exposed to techniques and strategies for planning and implementing instruction, including the integration of various technologies to enhance teaching and learning.  Additionally, the programme will include an examination of theories of development and learning, student assessment, and social issues in education.  In order to ensure that participants can apply educational theory to practice, they will be required to complete a practicum of ten (10) weeks’ duration.


Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the basic theories of human growth and development as they apply to classroom learning and skills development.
  • Assess the social context in which the school operates.
  • Evaluate the factors which affect curriculum, innovation and implementation.
  • Implement Visual-Arts lessons effectively to students at the primary or secondary level.
  • Utilise a variety of teaching/learning strategies appropriate to respective age groups and topics relevant to Visual-Arts.
  • Demonstrate competence using the computer and other forms of technologies as instructional tools in the teaching of Visual-Arts.
  • Evaluate social and psychological issues associated with teaching and learning.
  • Display a professional attitude to teaching.
  • Function professionally and ethically, and inspire others to perform effectively.


Programme Structure





Planning and Instruction


45 hours


Educational Foundations


45 hours

Written Assignment

Teaching Practice


10 weeks

1.       Practical Teaching

2.         Portfolio





General Fees

The fees identified below are for Barbadian students.  Non-Barbadian students should contact the College for information on the fees, which apply to them.

  • Application Fee: BDS $50.00 (non-refundable)
  • Amenities Fee: BDS $475.00

A late payment fee of $50.00 will be added to amenities fees not paid by the due date.

Who may Apply

This programme is open to primary or secondary school teachers of Visual-Arts who wish to be certified in the area.