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Technical and Vocational Teachers’ Training Programme in Adult Education

Criteria/Requirements for Admissions

To be eligible for the training programme, participants should be persons who:


  • possess the appropriate qualifications required to deliver training in their respective

institutions (SJPP, BVTB and Secondary Schools that deliver CVQs) or be an instructor in these institutions.


  • have three (3) or more years of teaching experience at a relevant institution (SJPP, BVTB and Secondary Schools and/or proficiency in a specific skill as demonstrated by academic qualifications/ certification relevant to the particular area in which you are teaching.


  • possess at least a Level 3 vocational qualification and have three (3) years of teaching

industrial experience.


  • have the relevant qualifications (at least Level 3 CVQ’s) and experience (three (3) or more years) as a self-employed person who is desirous of delivering instruction.


Programme Description

This one-year programme is primarily opened to persons who facilitate the delivery of instruction in governmental technical and vocational institutions , schools and privately owned institutions.  The Vocational Teachers’ Training in Adult Education programme is primarily designed to assist instructors to deliver instruction effectively, through the application of relevant concepts, with a view of improving the quality of adult education and the actual practice of teaching. Moreover, instructors will be equipped to implement practices designed to ensure that their charges develop those attitudes and values which will enable them to meet the current challenges of the local, regional and global environment. In essence, this programme is designed to stimulate the development of the instructor's understanding of his/her main subjects in relation to the demands of teaching and provides a sound intellectual and practical foundation for a career in technical and vocational education.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the factors which affect the learning and development of adolescents and young adults, and the ways in which the educative environment contributes to their growth and development
  2. Improve their understanding of self and others and develop their communication and interpersonal skills
  3. Understand the values and implications of current educational practices and develop a rational basis for action in the classroom, school and educational system
  4. Identify the learning needs of young adults and groups of young adults within a class setting and to design plans to meet these needs,
  5. Use a variety of teaching/learning skills and management procedures to effectively and efficiently utilise people, time, space and materials for teaching/learning purposes
  6. Develop the basic understanding and skills necessary to implement quality educational assessment
  7. Manage their classrooms and other teaching areas in a manner that is conducive to both learning and effective teaching
  8. Apply relevant principles and practices from the world of work to their classroom instruction; and demonstrate functional literacy and numeracy skills.


Programme Structure

The structure of the programme to be followed by students pursuing the Vocational Teachers’ Training Programme in Adult Education is as follows:

The programme will consist of a total of 28 credits outlined below:

  1. Core Courses (15 credits)
  2. Seminars (3 credits)
  3. Supervised Practicum (8 credits)
  4. Field Experience (Attachment) (2 credits)

General Fees

The fees identified below are for Barbadian students.  Non-Barbadian students should contact the College for information on the fees, which apply to them.

Application Fee:  BDS $50.00 (non-refundable)

Amenities Fee: BDS $475.00

A late payment fee of $50.00 will be added to amenities fees not paid by the due date.

Who may Apply

This programme is open to all suitable candidates desirous of pursuing teacher education in technical and vocational areas.